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GoldEx to International Aluminum Industry Exhibition
Time:2015-11-23 10:41:23

July 8, 2015, in Shanghai, Asia's annual event - the Eleventh China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition

held a grand, Guangzhou aluminum aluminum Limited company for the first time as a participating unit, in the

leadership of chairman Lee and Xue general manager of this exhibition. This exhibition, we mainly show the

high accuracy,Good comprehensive performance, wide application field, the material of a variety of aluminum

alloy seamless pipe, bar. China International Aluminum Industry Exhibition as Asia's premier industry Annual

event, brought together the world's leading production and processing of aluminum products and equipment

manufacturing enterprises, focused on the display of the world's outstanding new products, new equipment,

New technology. This session will also show the association of Automotive Industry Association of aluminum

automotive spare parts show area, focus on display cars with aluminum, especially as a new energy Automotive

key parts technology development focus.

Lightweight is the inevitable trend of the development of the vehicle industry, while the aluminum alloy is the

most economical and practical, the most competitive car with light metal materials. Aluminum alloy in the

automotive field application is the development direction of gold aluminum, the exhibition, gold aluminum

shows all kinds of automotive parts with aluminum alloy, including the application of variable speed Box, car

piston and engine surrounding parts, such exhibits also caused a lot of consulting and negotiation.

The exhibition gold aluminum shows the 1000-7000 system of aluminum alloy seamless pipe and bar, applied

to office automation, automobile, optical, sports equipment, self Car, personal electronic consumer goods, and

many other areas. Although this year is the first exhibition of gold, but with its own specific product types,

excellent product quality, a record New product concept, to attract a large audience. Among them, aluminum

alloy composite pipe and aluminum is more attractive to attract a large number of visitors to consult.

The development of the aluminum industry, Yu Hai, and many of the challenges of domestic and foreig markets

and national policies, facing the relative tightening and severe market situation, gold will continue to try And

exploring new products, and vigorously develop automotive aluminum, expand the application areas of the

product. Continued to "technological innovation, gold quality, efficient service, hold Continued to improve "for

the corporate philosophy, technology continues to innovate, produce better products, establish a gold medal

quality, and to achieve the high efficiency of the service, to obtain the growth.


All kinds of products of this exhibition

Business manager and buyer exchange

Communication between the manager and the visitor

To accept the aluminum on the aluminum Exhibition

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