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JL-52 Sheet introduction
Time:2015-11-11 11:34:46

JL-52 is an independent research and development of new aluminum alloy material, which is a new aluminum

alloy material in the traditional aluminum alloy process, which is a new aluminum alloy material with more 

excellent comprehensive performance. JL-52 board is mainly used in the production of flat computer,mobile 

phone, mobile power and other electronic products. The brand aluminum alloy material has the advantages 

of good turning performance, excellent oxidation resistance, high material surface quality, etc., and has

gradually replaced the traditional 6063 aluminum alloy mobile phone shell. At present,we have developed

a mature, into the trial production stage, access to many well-known manufacturers of mobile phone 

manufacturers. I Division is intended to enter the iPhone and other international well-known brands of mobile 

phone market, the company developed a new aluminum alloy material widely used in electronic products 

and other important areas.

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